Motor Skill Development: Tips for Parents

Understand children with fine-motor difficulties

  • Identifying the physical problems in early age can result in a favorable prognosis for improvement. However, this requires consistent cooperative, and effective intervention by the school and by parents.

  • Children experiencing difficulties in movement require more time to learn a skill. They need constant feedback and need to be physically taken through movements (kinesthetic assistance).

  • Children should be independent. You must resist the temptation to complete the tasks for him or her, including such daily requirements as tying shoelaces, cleaning house and dressing. Instead, be there to assist your child as he or she completes the task.

  • Some difficulties will disappear with age and maturity; some will not. The longer we allow inefficient physical movement to continue, such as incorrect foot landing or hand movement, the harder it becomes to correct because the child practices poor movements which become habits, and then these have to be undone.

  • It is very important to encourage the strengths of the children as well as helping with their difficulties. You can do this by choosing some of the activities that you know your child is good at

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