Are we seeing more children with motor skill difficulties?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Numerous students in each classroom across the world, these days, experience difficulty lettering, lose their place on a sheet, skip arithematic problems, and have trouble in paying attention. There are students with lack of development and for them training of the muscles is needed in fine and gross motor skills which is important for a successful classroom experience. Frequently, Children’s never show their difficulties by becoming "class clowns" or "trouble makers" because they are embarrassed. Sometimes these behaviors are a mask for hiding the true problem of being unable to complete class work well. These students need brain engaging strategies, direct one to one teaching and guided practice to assist their progress toward improvement and successful completion of schoolwork. Activities have placed less emphasis on direct teaching of fine and gross motor activities in the periods and yet we expect students to write neatly, which requires developed fine motor skills. Integrating motor activities into the classroom and at home environment can be a tremendous help in reading, writing, attention and retention. Students who learn to develop specific motor movements can incorporate such skills into successful participation in school activities. Multisensory approach to learning and writing is particularly helpful for students from kindergarten to third grade, including those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or learning disabilities. This program can also be applied to students in higher-grade levels.

Effective strategies, teachers and parents can help students improve using simple exercises and interventions within or outside setting the classroom. Whether a student qualifies for any particular type of special services or not, incorporating motor activities, which are easily performed on a regular basis, can help them improve their skills and obtain the best results.

A Motor Skill Solution! Multi-sensory 

Avenue for learning tried and true activities that address the motor skills listed above and more. With contributions from special educator, occupational therapists, physio-therapists and adapted physical education teachers, This Program helps improve motor skills for both general and special education students.

Regards, Shashank Shriram Joshi Certified Motor Skill learning Coach ( Sports Teacher (Cricket And Baseball) Wisdom High International School +91-9049918284

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