Cramps and Dehydration During Winter?

In cold weather, our body’s thirst response is decreased by up to 40 percent even when dehydrated. This happens because our blood vessels constrict when we’re cold to prevent blood from flowing freely to the limits. This allows the body to conserve heat by drawing more blood to its core.

Because of this, the body is mislead into thinking it’s properly hydrated, you don’t feel as thirsty and your body doesn’t conserve water. Thus, in cold weather, athletes doesn't drink water voluntarily, and additionally, their kidneys aren’t signaled by hormones to conserve water and urine production increases, a condition call cold-induced urine diuresis, so decrease thirst response and increased urine production are two contributing factors. Yet, there are several others that can lead to winter dehydration. It includes wearing extra clothing. Warm jackets, inner and other pieces of warm clothing help your body conserve heat. But the added weight is one factor that makes the body work between 10 and 40 percent harder By working harder, the body produces more sweat, contributing to fluid loss also Increase respiratory fluid loss.

In winter, we lose more fluids through inhaling water loss. For example, when you take a breath, that’s actually water vapor that your body is losing. The colder the temperature and the more intense the workout, the more vapor you lose when you breathe.

Sweat evaporates more quickly in cold air. We often think we aren’t sweating in dry weather, because it tends to evaporate so quickly. This is main factor that can contribute to a reduce thirst response.

so don’t forget to hydrate because The dehydration risk remains in winter.

PE Teacher, Wisdom High International School, Nashik

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