How to Prepare Your child for the Upcoming School Year

As a parents you should have an open conversation with your child about what to expect this upcoming school year. Parents have to think on how to talk to their kids whether they are going back in person, distance learning, or having a combination of the two. The 2020-21 academic year is unlike any other hence it’s important to discuss with your child about how to be safe and responsible. We drew on our own teaching and parenting experience, and talked to experts about what to say to your kids as they go back to school.

When the children are 'Going Back To School In Person' their experience is going to be very different from the previous years. In most schools students will wear masks, wash their hands and sanitize their desks and supplies. They will not be able to share anything with their classmates, they will have to maintain social distance, they will not be able to leave their classrooms and they will have to eat lunch at their respective desks.

Child might also feel nervous or worried about getting sick. You have to talk to your child about how they feel. If they are not sure about how to share their feelings, use a feelings chart to help them.

Be Your Child’s First Teacher!

You can help your kids learn and understand how to make responsible choices, and you can help your kids to follow school safety protocols before school starts and make them learn and understand how to make responsible choices. If your children are not used to wearing masks, talk to them about why it is safe for them. Start wearing masks at home for some time so that it doesn’t feel new or uncomfortable when it’s the first day of school.

Download COVID-19 worksheets and set of coloring pages that helps students understand the virus and how to behave safely at school. it will help them to make responsible decisions.

Develop the Solution Before The Problem!

Child psychologists suggest parents should enact role play of different scenarios with their children. You can use these framework to brainstorm solutions to possible challenges at school.

Provide them with the plan they need before they are in the exact situation. What would you do if someone came up to you to borrow something? And what would you do if a classmate grabbed something from your hands?

Do rehearse before the first morning. One of the most effective ways to talk to your kids about going to school during the current situation, is to walk them through the experience. Make a habit of masks, hand sanitizer, and keeping safe distance.

Shashank Shriram Joshi

PE Teacher, Wisdom High International School, Nashik

Founder -

Founder - Nashik Sports And Fitness Academy


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